Join Us - New Postdoc Positions Available


The Lin Lab is constantly looking for new smart and hard-working teammates to join our scientific adventure. We value the following personal qualities as key to success in academia and in life:

Passion for research
Curiosity for discovery
Motivation for success

Perseverance & Generosity


The Lin Lab offers UROP students the opportunity to gain research experience and to perform senior theses. Students are strongly encouraged to apply early in their college careers to maximize their opportunity to perform work at the bench. Students must be willing to work in the lab at least 10 hours/week during the school year and full-time during the summer.  We prefer students who will commit to work full-time for at least one, preferably two, summer(s).


The Lin lab uses techniques such as molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, mouse genetics, mouse behavior, optogenetics and electrophysiology to study the expirence-dependent development and function of neural circuits. If you are interested, have a background in one or more of the previously mentioned techniques and/or are willing to learn, please send your CV and three references to Danica Rili (


The Lin lab has several projects available for highly motivated graduate students from the BCS (Brain and Cognitive Sciences) and MCN (Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience) graduate programs at MIT. If you are interested in checking out our research, drop me (Yingxi) an email and we can set up a time to talk about rotation projects.


The Lin Lab employs a wide range of techniques, including molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, mouse genetics, mouse behavior, optogenetics, imaging and electrophysiology. Recent PhDs with a strong background in one or more of these areas are encouraged to apply. We are also interested in candidates with strong computational background in bioinformatics and imaging processing.

Please send application to Yingxi Lin and include:

  • CV with a list of publications
  • a short summary of your present and future research interests
  • a list of three (3) references